(2020, Multidisciplinary)

Due to the exponential growth of technological developments, one will increasingly participate in a digital world. Terms like ‘augmented’ and ‘hybrid’ indicate that the physical and digital are merging.

With Palpable Synergy we are imagining a future where Generation Beta (2025-2039) will experience these developing technologies intertwined in their daily lives, and may therefore not be as used to having natural physical contact as we are now. How can we prevent many teenagers from getting sick as a result of the lack of touch?

Through research we concluded that reflexology can reduce one’s stress-levels. Therefore, we developed wearable devices that mimic the reflexology massage technique through the use of Arduino and will provide Generation Beta teenagers to nourish their touch starvation.

This project was a collaboration with Chris Geurtsen, Jinnie Ahn and Puck de Wit.